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To transfer funds using Money2India service, you need to be registered on Money2India.

If you are not a registered user on Money2India
Follow these simple steps to register for the service:

  • Logon to www.money2india.com and select “New User Register here” on the left side of the home page
  • Complete the one-time instant registration form online and submit
  • Login with your registered user ID & start sending funds

To Register, Click here: https://m2inet.icicibank.co.in/m2iNet/newRegistration.misc

If you are already registered on Money2India
Follow the below process to send payments to your registered biller:

  • Login to Money2India.com with your registered user ID
  • Under “My Account” option select “Add Receiver”option and select "Registered entity" option.
  • Select "Pay a Registered Biller" and add “Jindal Naturecure” as the biller to make payments.
  • Once you have added the biller, select any of the payment modes listed under “Transfer Money” option to make a payment to your registered biller.

For Login, Click Here: https://m2inet.icicibank.co.in/m2iNet/m2iNetLoginForm.jsp

For any queries, please contact our customer service desk at info@jindalnaturecure.org